About Us

As a Makeup Artist of 20 years I have always loved how makeup, lashes and hairstyling can change the look of a person if they want to achieve a new modern look. It also has a feel good theory. We can change certain things we do not like about ourselves or we can emphasize those things we enjoy about ourselves or simply use it for a bit of fun and create amazing artistic makeup art. Some of us love a bare minimum look, some a creative look. Let your unique personality come out and express yourself. Whatever your choice maybe, we have carefully selected makeup and lashes to suit any look and occasion.

Blink In Faux Mink and Kryolan are both Cruelty Free companies. No products were tested on animals. The makeup is professional, which can be enjoyed for anyone that is a makeup wearer or for theatre and television.

I must admit throughout my 20’s I never really gave two thoughts about what lashes I was wearing. Was I wearing something that has been slaughtered for my benefit? Most Celebrities are endorsing fur of any kind and due to a massive marketing budget the product gains a lot of media attention and followers think it’s the coolest (product) thing ever!

Since starting Blink In Faux Mink I have researched quite a few companies I looked up to over the years due to purchasing their Mink lashes from Fur Farms (unknowingly) due to the lack of knowledge I gave to myself about what I was actually wearing (e.g Mink Lashes…ohhh how fluffy, long and voluptuous I thought they were)! After my research I was deeply disturbed at what I saw which brought me to my next journey, I wanted to start a company that not only gives you a beautiful product of lash line though I also want to educate you on what it means to Animals when we take away their fur to wear for the sake of Beauty. Mink Farms are very popular. Companies will tell you they pick up the Fur from the floor after the beautiful Minks have been walking around, that the fur falls off naturally. “Cough”. Really? With the oversupply of people wanting Mink Lashes and Mink Eyebrows around the world, companies have time to wait until the Minks little bit of fur drops off to the floor? No way. Totally Untrue. They are kept in uninhabitable conditions to breed by Fur Farmers. They are Slaughtered. You can check out this link from PETA.

Blink In Faux Mink will always give you the best quality FAUX Fur Lash every time, fluffy, voluptuous, long..if that’s your thing. The Blink In FAUX Mink range caters for any lash style and taste , the Sydney range are extremely natural and are great if you have lost your lashes due to medical reasons.

Don’t wear blood on your hands for the sake of beauty.

A big thank you to my wife Kelly for your support @ Blink In Faux Mink.

Emma Dillon

Makeup Artist